MTN Roam4less

MTN Roam4less is a cost effective roaming service that allows you make calls at a lower rateto family, friends and business colleagues while roaming oncertain networks in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

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Who is it for?

All MTN Nigeria prepaid and postpaid customers can use Roam4less

  • There is no monthly fee,connection fee or deposit required for this service.
  • It is cost effective. However, the cost for making and receiving calls while roaming abroad depends on the country you are visiting.

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How to use MTN Roam4less Service

To make a call from your roaming destination to Nigeria or any other country, simply dial the USSD code(*141*) followed by the plus sign (+) or (009), the country code and the number you wish to call then press # key.

For Example:
*141*<+> #SEND/OK

  • To call a friend in Nigeria whose phone number is 0803 1234567, dial *141*+234803 1234567# SEND/OK.
  • To call other countries e.g. UK:*141*+44 208 1234567 #SEND/OK.
  • You can also dial your number using the following number formats: *141*0092348031234567 #SEND/OK.
  • Upon dialing the number, you will find displayed on the screen of your phone request in progress then the network will initiate a call back to your line within 10 seconds.
  • When your phone rings, answer the call and you will automatically be connected to the person that you called.
  • If the party is unavailable, the call will be disconnected after 5 rings. You will not be billed for unsuccessful calls.
  • You will be charged for making voice calls and receiving voice calls while you are roaming.
  • You will be able to send SMS as normal without the use of *141* USSD code.
  • You will also be charged for sending SMS.