MTN Mobile Newspaper

Get the news while it's still news - MTN is at the forefront on innovation in Nigeria, with a continuous focus on technologies that will enhance the lifestyle of our customers.

The latest on MTN's line-up of such innovative services, is MTN Mobile Newspaper. This service provides the most up to date news on the local and international scene, sports news, entertainment news, fashion news, Finance news, the latest Job vacancies and more.

How to Subscribe to MTN Mobile Newspaper.

Simply need to text 'HELP' to 4900 to see the list of Mobile Newspaper products available. You can also text the keyword of your preferred service to 4900 to activate.

The table below shows the list of services currently available on MTN Mobile Newspaper. Simply text the keyword of your preferred service to 4900 to get started. Each product costs N120

Category Product Name Charging Type  Keyword Price(Naira) Opt out Keyword
NEWS Vanguard News Monthly VNM 120 NO VNM
Weekly  VNW 30 NO VNW
Daily VND 5 NO VND
International News Monthly INM 120 NO INM
Weekly  INW 30 NO INW
Daily IND 5 NO IND
The Guardian Monthly TGM 120 NO TGM
Weekly  TGW 30 NO TGW
Daily TGD 5 NO TGD
Sun News Monthly SUN 120 NO SUN
Weekly  SNW 30 NO SNW
Daily SND 5 NO SND
Aljazeera Monthly AJM 120 NO AJM
Weekly  AJW 30 NO AJW
Daily AJD 5 NO AJD
PUNCH Monthly PNM 120 NO PNM
Weekly  PNW 30 NO PNW
Daily PND 5 NO PND
Weekly  LDW 30 NO LDW
Daily LDD 5 NO LDD
Weekly  HAW 30 NO HAW
Daily HAD 5 NO HAD
NAN News Monthly NAM 120 NO NAM
Weekly  NAW 30 NO NAW
Daily NAD 5 NO NAD
PM News Monthly PMM 120 NO PMM
Weekly  PMW 30 NO PMW
Daily PMD 5 NO PMD
Daily Trust Monthly DTM 120 NO DTM
Weekly  DTW 30 NO DTW
Daily DTD 5 NO DTD
TELL Monthly TMM 120 NO TMM
Weekly  TMW 30 NO TMW
Daily TMD 5 NO TMD
The Nation Monthly  TNM 120 NO  TNM
Weekly   TNW 30 NO  TNW
Daily TND 5 NO TND
Tribune Monthly  TRM 120 NO  TRM
Weekly   TRW 30 NO  TRW
Daily TRD 5 NO TRD
Premium Times Monthly PTM 120 NO PTM
Weekly  PTW 30 NO PTW
Daily PTD 5 NO PTD
New Telegraph Monthly NTM 120 NO NTM
Weekly  NTW 30 NO NTW
Daily NTD  5 NO NTD 
Mangrove Reporters Monthly MRM 120 NO MRM
Weekly  MRW 30 NO MRW
Daily MRD 5 NO MRD
CNN News Monthly CNM 120 NO CNM
Weekly  CNW 30 NO CNW
Daily CND 5 NO CND
National Mirror Monthly NMM 120 NO NMM
Weekly  NMW 30 NO NMW
Daily NMD 5 NO NMD
The Union Newspape Monthly TUM 120 NO TUM
Weekly  TUW 30 NO TUW
Daily TUD 5 NO TUD
Peoples Daily Monthly PDM 120 NO PDM
Weekly  PDW 30 NO PDW
Daily PDD 5 NO PDD
SPORTS Complete Sports Monthly CSM 120 NO CSM
Weekly  CSW 30 NO CSW
Daily CSD 5 NO CSD
International Sports Monthly ISM 120 NO ISM
Weekly  ISW 30 NO ISW
Daily ISD 5 NO ISD
Spanish Laliga Monthly SLM 120 NO SLM
Weekly  SLW 30 NO SLW
Daily SLD 5 NO SLD
Premiership Monthly PSM 120 NO PSM
Weekly  PSW 30 NO PSW
Daily PSD 5 NO PSD
SuperSport Monthly SSM 120 NO SSM
Weekly  SSW 30 NO SSW
Daily SSD 5 NO SSD
Chelsea FC Monthly CFM 120 NO CFM
Weekly  CFW 30 NO CFW
Daily CFD 5 NO CFD
RELIGION Bible Devotion Monthly BBM 120 NO BBM
Weekly  BBW 30 NO BBW
Daily BBD 5 NO BBD
Bible Stories Monthly BSM 120 NO BSM
Weekly  BSW 30 NO BSW
Daily BSD 5 NO BSD
Catholic Herald Monthly CHM 120 NO CHM
Weekly  CHW 30 NO CHW
Daily CHD 5 NO CHD
Open Heavens Monthly OHM 120 NO OHM
Weekly  OHW 30 NO OHW
Daily OHD 5 NO OHD
As-Sirat Monthly ASM 120 NO ASM
Weekly  ASW 30 NO ASW
Daily ASD 5 NO ASD
Islamic Hadiths Monthly IHM  120 NO IHM 
Weekly  IHW  30 NO IHW 
Daily IHD 5 NO IHD
EDUCATION Learn Igbo Monthly LGM 120 NO LGM
Weekly  LGW 30 NO LGW
Daily LGD 5 NO LGD
Learn Hausa Monthly LHM 120 NO LHM
Weekly  LHW 30 NO LHW
Daily LHD 5 NO LHD
Learn Yoruba Monthly LYM 120 NO LYM
Weekly  LYW 30 NO LYW
Daily LYD 5 NO LYD
Learn French Monthly LFM 120 NO LFM
Weekly  LFW 30 NO LFW
Daily LFD 5 NO LFD
HEALTH & LIFE Health Info Monthly HMM 120 NO HMM
Weekly  HMW 30 NO HMW
Daily HMD 5 NO HMD
True Health Monthly THM 120 NO THM
Weekly  THW 30 NO THW
Daily THD 5 NO THD
Funfood Monthly FUM 120 NO FUM
Weekly  FUW 30 NO FUW
Daily FUD 5 NO FUD
Toletcom Monthly TLM 120 NO TLM
Weekly  TLW 30 NO TLW
Daily TLD 5 NO TLD
New Business Ideas Monthly NBM 120 NO NBM
Weekly  NBW 30 NO NBW
Daily NBD 5 NO NBD
Health & Well Being Monthly WBM 120 NO WBM
Weekly  WBW 30 NO WBW
Daily WBD 5 NO WBD
Private Property Monthly PPM 120 NO PPM
Weekly  PPW 30 NO PPW
Daily PPD 5 NO PPD
Naija Life Stories Monthly NLM 120 NO NLM
Weekly  NLW 30 NO NLW
Daily NLD 5 NO NLD
FINANCE Business Day Monthly BDM 120 NO BDM
Weekly  BDW 30 NO BDW
Daily BDD 5 NO BDD
CNBC Monthly CCM 120 NO CCM
Weekly  CCW 30 NO CCW
Daily CCD 5 NO CCD
ENTERTAINMENT & FASHION City People Entertainment Monthly CPM 120 NO CPM
Weekly  CPW 30 NO CPW
Daily CPD 5 NO CPD
WOW Magazine Monthly WMM 120 NO WMM
Weekly  WMW 30 NO WMW
Daily WMD 5 NO WMD
Linda Ikeji Monthly LIM 120 NO LIM
Weekly  LIW 30 NO LIW
Daily LID 5 NO LID
Genevieve Magazine Monthly GMM 120 NO GMM
Weekly  GMW 30 NO GMW
Daily GMD 5 NO GMD
Nollywood Gist Monthly NGM 120 NO NGM
Weekly  NGW 30 NO NGW
Daily NGD 5 NO NGD
Encomium Magazine Monthly EMM 120 NO EMM
Weekly  EMW 30 NO EMW
Daily EMD 5 NO EMD
Ono Bello Monthly  OBM 120 NO  OBM
Weekly   OBW 30 NO  OBW
Daily OBD 5 NO OBD
HF Magazine Monthly HFM 120 NO HFM
Weekly  HFW 30 NO HFW
Daily HFD 5 NO HFD
Pulse Monthly PUM 120 NO PUM
Weekly  PUW 30 NO PUW
Daily PUD 5 NO PUD
Stelladimokokorkus Monthly STM 120 NO STM
Weekly  STW 30 NO STW
Daily STD 5 NO STD
Splash News Monthly SPM 120 NO SPM
Weekly  SPW 30 NO SPW
Daily SPD 5 NO SPD
Cinema Post Monthly CEM 120 NO CEM
Weekly  CEW 30 NO CEW
Daily CED 5 NO CED Monthly NJM 120 NO NJM
Weekly  NJW 30 NO NJW
Daily NJD 5 NO NJD Monthly NKM 120 NO NKM
Weekly  NKW 30 NO NKW
Daily NKD 5 NO NKD
DBanj Lifestyle Monthly DLM 120 NO DLM
Weekly  DLW 30 NO DLW
Daily DLD 5 NO DLD
Christian Life Issues Monthly CLM 120 NO CLM
Weekly  CLW 30 NO CLW
Daily CLD 5 NO CLD
TW Magazine Monthly TWM 120 NO TWM
Weekly  TWW 30 NO TWW
Daily TWD 5 NO TWD
HipHop World Monthly HIP 120 NO HIP
Weekly  HWW 30 NO HWW
Daily HWD 5 NO HWD
JOBS Jobberman Monthly JMM 120 NO JMM
Weekly  JMW 30 NO JMW
Daily JMD 5 NO JMD
SENCE Recruitment Monthly SRM 120 NO SRM
Weekly  SRW 30 NO SRW
Daily SRD 5 NO SRD



  • To use this service, you should have an MMS enabled phone with the right MTN MMS settings. (If you have not received the configurations or have not activated MMS on your mobile phone, text SETTINGS to 3888 for free from your MTN line)
  • To receive the latest list of MNS products, send "HELP" to 4900 (for free).