MTN Appstore Developer FAQ

Q. What is MTN Appstore Developers Forum?

Answer. MTN Appstore Developer Forum is an initiative that enables developers to easily publish and distribute their applications directly to end users of Android, Symbian, Blackberry & Java Compatible mobile phones.

Q.  Can anyone register for MTN Appstore Developers Forum?

Answer.  Yes, both individual and corporate can register with valid credentials.

Q.  What is the registration process?

Answer: Developers will register by following below listed processes.

  •   Individuals and Corporate organization will register by visiting MTN APP Store Developers Forum page. Developers will input their valid information as requested on the registration page.
  •  The information provided will be verified and the developer will be notified within 3Weeks with either acceptance or rejection of his registration.
  • If the developer¿s registration is approved, an email with login details will be sent to the developers provided email address.
  • At this stage the developer can start uploading his/her Apps.

Q.  Will My Apps be available for download immediately after uploading?

Answer. The Apps will undergo some verification and testing process before it will be made available for subscribers download

Q.  Is there a restriction to the number of Apps a developer can upload?

Answer: No, developers can upload as many Apps as possible.

Q. How do I get paid for revenue generated by my apps?

Answer: Reports are generated for each developer at the end of every month. Based on this report, the developer accrued revenue for the month will be remitted via bank transfer to the bank details he entered during registration.

Q. How long does it take to get paid after Month end report is published?

Answer: Payment will be remitted with 30 days of publishing the report.

Q. Will the developer have access to view the revenue and downloads reports?

Answer: Yes, the relevant report will be visible to the developer via his/her console.

Q. Any other condition for remitting payment?

Answer: To get paid, a developer must have accumulated a net revenue of at least NGN40,000 over a period. E.g. Developer A makes NGN10,000 in month January 2013, NGN20,000 in February and N30,000 in March, he will not get paid for January and February but will receive his payment in March to the tune of NGNG60,000. The revenue counter then resets to NGN0,00 and the cycle restarts.