Comedy+ FAQs

What is Comedy+

MTN Comedy plus Service is an exciting service that allows users to view comedy videos provided by the content providers in 6 different categories.

  • Skits.
  • Stand-up.
  • Episodes (cut-out from movies and TV Shows).
  • Animation.
  • Pranks
  • Hausa

In future, more categories will be introduced to appeal to different user segments.

These contents and functions will enhance the customer desire for the MTNN Comedy plus service and make it the entertainment and control centre of the users’ phone.

How do I subscribe for this service?

You can subscribe to this service by sending the keyword of respective package, to 2100 e.g. “user texts CDD to 2100 to get the 3 days with data plan”. Each package is developed to be pocket friendly.

Access Only

  • 3 Days VIP package keyword “CD”
  • Weekly VIP package keyword “CW”
  • Monthly VIP package keyword “CM”

Subscription with Data

  • 3 Days VIP package keyword “CDD”
  • Weekly VIP package keyword “CWD”
  • Monthly VIP package keyword “CMD”


Data Allocation

Comedy Download




3 Days

















Data Allocation

Comedy download



3 Days















How do I get the Comedy + app?

Customer can download the app by:

  • Text "Comedy” to 2100" to receive a link (As a first time subscriber you can view two contents free for 90days).
  • Search for MTNComedy+ on Google Play Store.

What happens after I download the comedy+ App?

After you download the comedy+ App for the first time, you’d be required to do the following:-

  • Enter your mobile number and
  • Click on the “Get Code” and your verification code will be sent to your phone via SMS.
  • Click Login

Will I receive data bonus if I subscribe to the comedy+ service?

Yes, you will. This depends on the plan you subscribe for. If you choose to subscribe for the plans without data then you will not receive any data bonus.

Who can use the MTN Comedy+ service?

MTN comedy+ is available to all MTNN Prepaid and Postpaid customers.

Will I be able to share the data allocation received with my friends?

No, you will not be able to share the comedy+ data allocation with your friends.

Can I subscribe for any plan without downloading the comedy+ App?

Yes you can. All you do is send the Keyword of your preferred plan to 2100.

Once the system receives your request, you will be charged the package fee you subscribed for.

Can I use the comedy+ data allocation to browse other websites?

The comedy+ data allocation can only be used for comedy+ operations such as portal browsing, comedy video streaming and comedy downloads. You cannot use it in chatting via WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook etc.

What benefits will I enjoy when using the MTN Comedy+ service?

You can purchase, download and share your favorite comedy

When you purchases any of the comedy VIP Club Subscription Plans.

You become a Comedy+ Club member and are eligible for pricing discounts within the app.

You’d be given preferential treatment for any benefit provided by the Comedy portal.

What devices can access the application?

The comedy+ service is ONLY available on Android capable devices.

How do I unsubscribe from MTN Comedy + service?

Send STOP (and code of your VIP membership plan) in SMS to 2100. E.g. Stop CM to 2100 to stop Access only Monthly plan.

How do I Check for Comedy Downloaded?

You can check in the comedy portal under “Downloads”

When I download Comedy do I own them forever?

When comedy videos are downloaded they remain yours but can only be accessed in-app, i.e. within the App environment.

What happens when I have a valid VIP membership subscription and my phone gets damaged?

As long as you have a valid subscription, you can re-download the comedy plus app to your new devices from your comedy data or your person al data if your comedy data is exhausted.

If my VIP membership validity has expired can I still play the videos downloaded on my phone?

Yes you can.

If my VIP membership validity period has not elapsed and my data finishes can I watch videos downloaded?

Yes! As long as your VIP membership is still valid you would still be able to watch videos downloaded even if allocated comedy data has elapsed

Is it possible for me to buy comedy videos on the Comedy portal without subscribing to a plan?

Yes you can, but you pay for the videos without discount.

Do I have to be a VIP member to access the Comedy Portal?

No! You don’t have to be a VIP member to access the comedy portal but you have to be a VIP member to download and stream.

What kinds of Content are available on the Comedy+ portal?

On the MTN Comedy+ portal there are videos of different categories like Skits, Animation, Stand-ups, and Episodes etc.

Can one download the Comedy+ APP from any type of mobile phone?

MTN Comedy+ APP can only be downloaded with an android phone.

How can I check my Comedy data balance?

To check your Comedy Data balance, dial *559#.