Digital Mobile Library

MTN Digital Mobile Library is a digital library that offers you open access to an extensive repository of electronic documents from over 2000 reputable academic databases/publishers with each offering up to 500,000 peer-reviewed academic PDFs, journals, eBooks, online courses and lecture materials.

MTN Digital Mobile Library is integrated into hundreds of search platforms and library systems worldwide. This makes it easier for you to access content from various information sources globally.

MTN Digital Mobile Library also offers interest-based content tailored to your preferences and interests.

Features of MTN Digital Mobile Library

  1. Open Access Resources: Access over 10 Million peer reviewed academic journals, PDFs, ebooks by simply typing your search query in the search box and have full-text results of your search at no cost.
  2. Free Online Courses: Get access to all your favorite online courses from Harvard, Kahn Academy, Coursera, Iversity, edX, Udacity and so much more in the same environment.
  3. Connect With Other Learners: Create groups with people who have similar academic and non-academic interests and have discussions, share documents etc.
  4. Deep text search: MTN Digital Mobile Library’s deep search technology searches through the body of articles to recover relevant search results from over 2000 academic repositories worldwide.
  5. Access to Local Content: View and access content from local thought leaders in different industries across multiple topics: entrepreneurship, business management, etc.
  6. A modern Library in your Pocket: MTN Digital Mobile Library presents you with an entire library at the touch of a button and access all the materials you can possibly think of.

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