MTN Football Scholar


The MTN Football Scholar is a soccer camp that focuses equally on football and academics. It provides a platform for Nigeria’s best student athletes/soccer players that are academically sound – to earn scholarships to US universities. The scholarship program enables MTN connect with the positive aspirations of Nigerian youths for international exposure - Soccer and Education.

HOW IT WORKS (Mechanics)

The various elements of the property include:

  • MTN Football Scholar will hold audition across 6 cities spread across the South East, South West, South South, and North Central. The competition will be open to students from JSS 3 and above, within the ages of 14 -18 years.
  • Auditions will hold for two days to select students with the best football skills, speed, agility testing. The students must possess a minimum qualification of 5 credits including English and Mathematics in their school leaving certificate exams. A minimum of 100 students would be selected across the country,based on their football skills and educational requirements. The students will sit for mock SAT exams and pruned down to 30 based on best results from the mock exams.
  • The qualified 30 students from the auditions will proceed to Academy 1. They will receive training on football and lessons for the SAT exams simultaneously. The students will take part in qualifying matches where the foreign coaches will have an opportunity to watch them play and select final students. The students will play against students from established football academies, thereby giving the coaches a wider pool of students to pull from. Selected students at this stage will proceed into academy 2.
  • Academy 2 will focus mainly on academics. The students will receive intensive training on mathematics and English, in preparation for the main SAT exams.  Skeletal lessons on football will also be received at the academy. The programme will run for approximately 4 weeks.
  • Students who successfully pass the main SAT exams will then be selected for scholarship processing into American universities on a case by case basis.


MTN has sponsored this initiative for the past four seasons with winners emerging from each season. So far, a total of 21 students are currently establishing their football potentials and academic prowess in various universities in the U.S. while 2 will join them later this year.

MTN has sponsored this initiative for 4 years. However, the four year span of galvanizing academics with soccer has laid the foundation and the necessary requirement for home-ground assessment and exposure.


This year’s football scholar is hinged on exposing the scholars to novelty matches here in Nigeria for home-ground leveraging & to drive retention and usage in the youth segment. This would involve the following:

  • There would be novelty matches between MTN football scholar team and the football teams of 4 Universities across the country.
  • Daily football training for scholars to hone their skills.
  • Acquisition of endorsements from celebrity or established footballer.
  • Camp activities: 5-on-5 passing drills, linemen-specific hand drills, and route running drills.
  • Sports personalities would participate in each campus where the matches would be played.
  • Scholarships to be awarded to the “Most Valuable Player” & via raffle draw in each of the universities.

Find the timelines below:


July 29
Novelty match at UniAbuja
University stadium

July 31
Novelty match at UNN
University stadium

August 2
Novelty match at FUTA
University stadium

August 4
Novelty match at Unilag
University stadium