MTN Foundation

Monitoring & Evaluation

The M&E Unit

The monitoring and evaluation Unit of MTN Foundation handles the design and implementation of organization-wide monitoring and evaluation systems. The unit is tasked with generating quality information/data that will eventually guide the management decision-making process within MTN Foundation. This ensures effective project management and delivery of sound technical assistance.

The M&E unit ensures that MTN Foundation implements and manages projects effectively in the areas of Mother & Child Health, Youth Empowerment and Arts and Culture in line with MTN Nigeria corporate social responsibility strategy.

Monitoring and Evaluation of MTNF Projects in Nigeria.

The Monitoring and Evaluation unit in 2018 conducted a number of evaluations geared towards ensuring the sustainability of the projects and providing data for project planning, implementation and decision making. A total of 7 studies were conducted consisting of 6 evaluations and 1 baseline evaluation.


During the year, the M&E unit conducted the following evaluations of our projects:

  • Baseline evaluation of ICT and Business Skills Training For Youths in Oyo and Kano.
  • Baseline evaluation of Market Doctor Project.
  • Evaluation of ICT and Business Skills Training For Youths in Oyo and Kano.
  • Evaluation of Scholarship Scheme for Blind Students
  • Evaluation of Emergency Ward Support Intervention
  • Evaluation of Yello Heart Initiative
  • Evaluation of Market Doctor Project
  • Evaluation of What Can We Do Together Initiative.

The M&E unit conducts baseline surveys of new MTNF projects and conducts evaluations for new MTNF projects and new phases of existing projects.

Monitoring of MTNF Projects

The M&E unit monitors MTNF projects nationwide on a monthly and quarterly bases with the assistance of Consultants and Government Community Relations Officers (GCRO).

These monitoring activities provide relevant information on our projects for decision making by MTNF management and the MTNF BOD.

Project Selection Criteria

  • Must be in line with the Foundations key focus areas.
  • MTN ensures the availability of baseline studies or assessment including information that supports a need for the project.
  • Must involve the possibility of replication in all 6 geo-political zones of the country namely North-West, North-East, South-West, South-South, South-East, North-Central.
  • Must not be for profit, i.e. have no commercial intentions but be purely for CSR objectives.
  • Must be sustainable for a foreseeable future.
  • Have a broad community impact, both direct and indirect.
  • Must not be for the construction or development of physical infrastructure that would not constitute part of an MTN Foundation projects.
  • Must be for beneficiaries within Nigeria.

Partner Selection Criteria

  • Must be an incorporated entity and must have been in operation for at least 2 years.
  • Must have a proven record of successfully implementing projects.
  • Must demonstrate technical expertise in the focus area of the project.
  • Must show evidence of adequate manpower and a reputable Board and management profile.
  • Must have a functional financial system and audited financial statements.
  • Must have adequate geographical presence in relation to the roll out plan of the proposed project.