Arts and Culture


Nigeria is a beautiful country with diverse forms and representation of arts and culture, from literature to food to dance to music to paintings and crafts, and many more. We have a great number of artistic locations engraved in the historic stories of our great land. It is indeed a true reflection of the nature of the people and society of this part of the world. However, these African stories are not being told by Africans due to the enormous capacity required to do so.

Our goal:

The purpose of the Arts & Culture Cause is to help create awareness of the rich Nigerian and African culture to a wider audience through positive stories.

We also believe that Arts & Culture is not only an alternate source of entertainment but also a platform for economic success/activities and as such we want to help build the capacity of skilled Nigerian youths across the entire Arts & Culture value chain.

Objectives of the Arts and Culture Cause:

  1. To retell positive Nigerian and African Stories.
  2. Empower young skilled professionals.
  3. To promote value creation through Arts & Culture.

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