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Youth Entrepreneurship Development Programme


One of the major issues that best describes Nigeria as a developing nation is the issue of youth unemployment. Thus, it is imperative for a nation like Nigeria to invest in the empowerment, education, and employment of the youth. Many of these youth are trapped in poverty, with few opportunities to learn or to earn a decent living.

The massive waste of human capital would be well appreciated when 74 million youth cannot find work. Nevertheless, if the youths are allowed to realize their full potential through gainful employment, Nigeria would see huge economic gains.

As the youths in a country grow into well-educated adults with fewer dependants and new opportunities to acquire wealth, savings and purchasing power, the more they will be able to accelerate economic growth and development.

Our goal:

The youth empowerment program through MTNF Science and Technology Scholarship Scheme (MTNF STSS), MTNF Scholarship Scheme for Blind Students (MTNF SSBS) and other Skills Acquisition projects will further position MTNN as a driver for change and economic development.

The MTN Foundation Youth Empowerment cause seeks to address various aspects of the Nigerian youth’s life such as the issue of “youth unemployment” in order to support the government’s efforts by investing in education, empowerment, and employment of the youths towards sustainable national development.

Objectives of the Youth Empowerment Cause:

  1. To complement the effort of the government in the area of youth unemployment, capacity building and skills acquisition interventions for the youth towards national development
  2. To support the government’s efforts in reducing the degree of poverty and social crimes in the country
  3. To complement the government’s efforts in the area of national protection
  4. To support the cause for improvement of technological standards

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