Access to Electricity whenever you need it

Live life to the fullest with Lumos Mobile Electricity service. It is accessible, safe, reliable and affordable. Light up rooms, charge Mobile phones and power appliances like Fans, TVs, Laptops, Tablets – giving you a better living

You can power both DC (solar) compatible appliances and AC compatible appliances with your Lumos Mobile Electricity system:

  1. DC (solar) Compatible appliances, up to 100W (cumulative) and 12V
  2. AC Compatible appliances that you already have at home, up to 60W (cumulative) and 220V
  3. Our system cannot support, Air conditioners, Deep freezers, Refrigerators, Electric cookers, Washing machines, AC ceiling fans etc

How to join the service:
To join the service visit select MTN stores, click on the link for stores map:

  1. SIGN UP at your local MTN store:When joining the service, visit select MTN store(s) with an active MTN SIM Card registered in your name, a Valid ID card and the Names/details of 2 willing guarantors.
  2. INSTALL easily by using our professional and authorized installers near your location.
  3. PAY easily and safely via your MTN mobile phone

The payments include a one-time Set-up fee when you join the service at the MTN store, and additional monthly subscription fee – paid via your mobile phone. There are different subscription plans you can choose from to credit your system, see the table below.

Mobile Electricity Service saves you lots of money on your monthly electricity bills!

Choose a suitable subscription plan from our plan options and make convenient payments from your MTN Mobile phone.

Choose a suitable plan from our options and make convenient payments from your mobile phone on the MTN Network
Set-Up fee Plan Price per day Total plan price
One-time payment of 20,000 NGN upon joining the service. 1 day N 230 N 230
7 days N 214 N 1,500
20 Days N 190 N 3,800
30 Days N 162 N 4,850
60 days N 150 N 9,000
90 days N 140 N 12,600
180 days N 130 N 23,400
365 days N 128 N 46,720
1800 days N 122 N 219,000

*Prices are subject to change. The daily plans are rounded up for your convenience. A minimum of 20 days subscription is required monthly, whether you use the system or not

*30 days plan is the most loved plan by most of our customers, while the rest tends to go for quarterly, semi-annual and annual plans.

You can mix and match electricity plans when you want. However, a minimum of 20 days of electricity must be paid every month, whether you use the system or not. You can choose any combination from our optional plans to meet your 20 days per month, minimum usage.

After 1800 paid days and enjoying 5years of FREE repairs service (*on the Panel and IDU only) the system becomes yours to own and you get Free Electricity! *Repair service terms and conditions apply. No repair service on accessories (Including DC/AC Converter).

What’s in the Mobile Electricity Kit?

  • Large 80W solar panel unit and cables
  • Solar indoor unit
  • 2 powerful led bulbs
  • DC to AC converter

Share your Experience and get FREE ELECTRICITY DAYS

With your help, everyone can now enjoy electricity whenever they need it! Refer a friend or family member to join Lumos Mobile Electricity Service and we will give you 7 days of FREE electricity each!

How to Refer

Simply SMS your friend’s number to 08133134773. Once your friend joins our service, we will automatically credit your account with 7 days of free electricity.


  1. SMS should be sent using the MTN phone number registered to your Yello box.
  2. SMS must be received before your friend joins our service.
  3. Refer only one phone number per SMS.
  4. There is no limit to the number of referrals per day, regular SMS charges applies.
  5. Lumos & MTN staff are excluded from this offer