Q: What is a MoMo Agent?

A: A MoMo Agent is a neighborhood shop where you can visit to send and receive money anywhere in Nigeria. It is safe, fast and convenient.

Q: What services are available at a MoMo Agent?

A: Customers can perform Cash2Cash transaction at a MoMo Agent outlet. Cash2Cash is a MoMo Agent service that allows customers of MTN to send and receive money from any part of Nigeria. Customers don’t need to have a bank account to send or receive money. All that is required is a visit to a MoMo Agent near you to either send or receive money

Q: How can I locate a MoMo agent?

A: To locate a MoMo agent, simply dial *223# & follow the prompts. List of agents, their phone number and addresses will be displayed. This service is free.

Q: How do I Send Money at a MoMo Agent?

  • Customer (Sender) approaches Agent to send money and hands over cash to agent
  • Agent enters sender and receiver’s phone  numbers and performs transaction
  • The Customer (Sender) receives a 5 digit secret code to be shared with the receiver for redemption while the receiver receives a different 5 digits token required at the point of redemption
  • The sender informs the receiver to take both tokens to the nearest Agent for cash redemption

Q: How do I receive Money from a MoMo Agent?

  • The customer (receiver), gets a 5-digit code sent directly to his/her phone
  • The customer (receiver) also gets a separate 5-digit code from the sender
  • The receiver takes the 2 codes (10 digits) to a MoMo Agent and cash-out

Q: Will I need to make a payment for receiving the cash?

A: Yes.

Q: Does the service allow for international transfers?

A: No, the service is not available for international transfers. It only covers local transfers and open to MTN customers currently

Q: What is the minimum amount that can be transferred?

A: The Minimum is N100

Q: Does generated 5 digit secret code expire?

A: Any un-redeemed 5 digit secret code expires after 30 days. Sender can request for his money back by calling 180

Q: How to get help?

  • Dial our customer service desk on 180. The customer service desk operates 24 hours
  • Agents are offered a dedicated line on 182

Q: What if I lose my 5 digit secret code?

A: You can call our call center on 180 to be guided on the 5 digit secret code regeneration process.

Q: What if I lose my phone with my active 5 digit secret code in it?

A: You don’t have to worry, as the funds cannot be redeemed with only your 5 digit secret code. To redeem the cash, the receiver will have to get your 5 digit secret code and his 5 digit secret code (which was sent by the system directly to his/her phone). However, you will need to visit an MTN shop for welcome back and get your sim replaced.

Q: Can I withdraw a portion of the money sent to me?

A: No, you have to withdraw the total amount sent to you