Q: How does this service save me money?

A: Using Lumos as an alternative source of electricity saves you money compared to fueling and servicing your generator

Q: How does the payment plan work?

A: There are 2 different payments to be made. Without these payments, the system will lock.

  1. One-time setup fee, paid at the store when joining the service
  2. Monthly payment plans, paid via your mobile phone, which you must credit regularly in order to reach the minimum usage terms required.

    Please note:

  • A minimum of 20 days must be paid every month, whether you use the system or not.
  • This applies even if you credit more than 20 days the previous month. If the minimum usage terms per month are not met, the system will automatically lock.

Q:How do I install it?

A: To install, we advise that the installation is done by authorized Lumos recommended installers for professional, safe and fast installation.

Q: How do I activate my system?

A: It is simple to activate the Lumos Mobile Electricity system, simply check your MTN account attached to the system for balance, chose a plan from the options and SMS your chosen plan to 317. Please note! Choosing a longer plan gives you the optimal value for your money!

Q:What if I need a repair service?

A: We will provide FREE* repair and support service for the Box and the solar panel for 5 years; ensuring that you have access to electricity all year round. *Repair service terms and conditions apply. No repair service on accessories (Including DC/AC Converter).

Q:What else should I know?

A: We’re glad you asked. After 1800 paid days, the system will automatically unlock and you will have full ownership of the system. No more monthly payments will be required from you.

Q:How do I save money with Lumos compared to using my generator always?

A: Using Lumos as an alternative source of electricity saves you money compared to fuelling and servicing your generator.

Q:What appliances can I power with the System ?

A: The System can power a range of domestic and work appliances as long as they fit within the capacity rating; hair clippers, plastic blade fans, charge mobile phones, LED TV, LED light bulbs, soldering iron and lots more.

* Terms and Conditions for Mobile Electricity Service Agreement (as may be amended from time to time) applies. Please ensure that you read and understand the Terms and Conditions for the service. This will be presented to you at the Point of Purchase and your acceptance as well as sign off is

required before installation. Kindly note that the commencement of use of the service serves as your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions governing the use of the service.