MTN Mytunez

Introducing Nametunez, a unique extension of Callertunez that allows your name exist as a callertune. This means that you can now personalize your ring back tunes and also gift tunes to friends and family. To enjoy this exciting offer, you can text "YOUR NAME" to the service code 441, you will receive a call relating to your name in different genres of music of your choice available on the platform. You can also pre-listen and download the Nametunez following the call to action voice flow.

There are six categories of nametunez available for you to choose from on this service; traditional, juju, hip-hop, freestyle, inspirational and profession. In addition to the different genre of Music available Mytunez is also available in various languages; English, Yoruba, Hausa, Pidgin, Igbo and other native languages.

Professionals and business owners (Fashion designers, Project managers, Plumbers etc.) Can now gain visibility with their professions and businesses displayed as their callertune. This is intended to add flavor and boost your profession and career. To activate simply text ‘Your profession’ to 441. You can also gift this  callertune to your friends, family and customers.


Frequently Asked Questions