MTN Data Referral is a promotional programme that allows you to send invites to your friends who have not used data on their lines within 30-365 days to buy any MTN data bundle. After referring another customer you will enjoy 10% bonus of the bundle activated by the referred customer. While the referred customer will enjoy 50% of the data bundle she/he purchased.

Who can use the MTN Data Referral Programme?

All MTN customers can refer any identified subscribers who have not performed an internet activity on their lines with 30 to 365 days.

How to Refer a Friend

You can refer a friend by dialling *131*1*Referred Phone number# on your phone or by sending REF(space)Referred Phone number(space)1 via SMS to 131.

How Many People Can You Refer?

You can only refer ten (10) phone numbers in a day.

Q. What data bundle plans can I get the referral bonus?

A. You can enjoy the referral bonus only on daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, and yearly data plans. (See table below for details). The referral bonus will not be applicable if the referred customer buys a Winback or XtraValue bundle.

Q. Will I receive the referral bonus on every bundle purchased by the referred that are the different Data bundle plans I can gift?

A. You will get 10% bonus of only the first data bundle purchased by each referred friends, while they will enjoy additional 50% bonus of the same data bundle they activated.

Q. Will I be charged additional cost for sending a referral?

A. No! There is no service charge for participating in the referral programme.

Q. How many times can I refer a friend?

A. You can refer a particular friend ten (10) times in a day provided s/he has not used data in the past 30 to 365 days.

Q. What is the validity of my referral bonus?

A. Both 10% and 50% referral bonus will be valid for 24 hours.

Q. If I have multiple data bundles active and received a referral bonus, which bundle will deplete first?

A. If you have a referral bonus with multiple data bundles active on your line, the data bundle with the least validity will be used first.

Q. Will I be able to enjoy referral bonus with Device bonus and 4G Upgrade offers on the data bundle I purchased?

A. Yes, you will be able to enjoy Device bonus or any other bonus with the Referral bonus on the data plan you purchased if you are eligible for the offer, but the referral bonus will deplete first.

Q. Will I be able to rollover my unused referral data bonus?

A. No, you will not be able to roll over your unused referral bonus but your unused main data bundle will roll over as long as you buy another bundle before the current bundle expires or within the allowed grace period after the bundle expires.

Q. How do I check the referral bonus balance?

A. You will be able to check your bonus data balance via the following channels:

  • SMS: Texting 2 to 131
  • USSD: Dialling *131*4#
  • MyMTNApp


Plan Price (N) Data Allowance Time of Use Validity Period Activation (SMS to 131) Activation (USSD) Opt –in for Auto-renewal Code SMS (R Code 131) Opt –out of Auto-renewal Code SMS (No Code 131)
Daily 50 25MB All day 24 HRS 114 *131*114# R114 NO114
100 75MB All day 24 HRS 104 *131*104# R104 NO104
300 1GB All day 24 HRS 155 *131*155# R155 NO155
200 200MB All day 2 Days 113 *131*113# R113 NO113
500 2GB All day 2 Days 154 *131*154# R154 NO154
Weekly 300 350MB All day 7 Days 102 *131*102# R102 NO102
500 1GB All day 7 Days 142 *131*142# R142 NO142
1000 2GB All day 7 Days 105 *131*105# R105 NO105
1500 6GB All day 7 Days 143 *131*143# R143 NO143
500 750MB All day 14 Days 103 *131*103# R103 NO103
Monthly 1000 1.5GB All day 30 Days 106 *131*106# R106 NO106
1200 2GB All day 30 Days 130 *131*130# R130 NO130
1500 3GB All day 30 Days 131 *131*131# R131 NO131
2000 4.5GB All day 30 Days 110 *131*110# R110 NO110
2500 6GB All day 30 Days 147 *131*147# R147 NO147
3500 10GB All day 30 Days 107 *131*107# R107 NO107
5000 15GB All day 30 Days 116 *131*116# R116 NO116
10000 40GB All day 30 Days 117 *131*117# R117 NO117
15000 75GB All day 30 Days 150 *131*150# R150 NO150
20000 110GB All day 30 Days 149 *131*149# R149 NO149
2-Months 20000 75GB All day 60 Days 118 *131*118# R118 NO118
30000 120GB All day 60 Days 138 *131*138# R138 NO138
3-Months 50000 150GB All day 90 Days 133 *131*133# R133 NO133
75000 250GB All day 90 Days 134 *131*134# R134 NO134

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