Roaming FAQ

To subscribe to any of the roaming bundles by dial *131*5# or go to myMTN App and select your preferred bundle. You will receive successful purchase notification message.

Yes, you can purchase any of the bundles in Nigeria prior to your trip. Remember you can also subscribe at your destination or anywhere else in the world. However, the offer can only be used in the eligible countries/networks.

Yes, you will be able to purchase the Roaming Bundles multiple times, BUT each of the Roaming plans activated will expire separately.

Yes, you can call any network in Nigeria and other networks within the visited country, but any call to other international destinations not listed in the eligible destination will be charged from your main account if you have enough airtime.

To check balance on your roaming offer, simply dial any of the codes below depending on your Offer type.

Bundle Balance enquiry code
Roaming Voice &Data *559*81#
Data Only *559*82#

Yes, once your subscription is exhausted, you will be charged from your main account at applicable PAYG roaming rates, until you buy another Roaming bundle.

You can purchase and activate the offers from any part of the world.

All MTN Prepaid and Postpaid customers are eligible for the offer as long as they meet the defined criteria as shown below:

  • Prepaid Customers: – Spend/ recharge up to N5000 in the month
  • Postpaid Customers: – Spend/ recharge or Maintain credit limit of N5000

You will receive either 100 or 300 minutes depending on the country you will be visiting.

No, you will be able to receive free incoming minutes in some selected destinations.

To confirm if you are qualified for the offer, simply dial *131*5*3*1#

To know the eligible destinations, simply dial *131*5*3*2#

Dial *131*5*3*3# to check the number of minutes you have used.

If you are calling back home, dial the international access code eg +234 803 ….

Yes, you will be charged for sending text messages when you are roaming.  Receiving SMS is FREE while roaming.

No, none of your Roaming Bundles will auto renew after expiration, but to continue enjoying special rates while roaming in the eligible destination, you will have to subscribe for the offer again.

You may roam your phone on any of MTN’s roaming partners overseas. MTN has roaming agreements with various mobile networks in countries covering Europe, America, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa. This means that you can make and receive calls, send and receive SMS in the listed countries around the world.

  • Make and receive calls.
  • Send and receive SMS
  • All data services
  • The following services will be unavailable:
  • DSTV Mobile from MTN
  • MTN CallerTunez

Yes, your voicemail will work if you activate it while roaming.

When you receive a voicemail, A notification message prompts you to dial 100 to listen to your messages.
To retrieve your voicemail messages when you are roaming, you will have to dial +234 803 10 100 followed by the 11 digits of your phone number.

When you connect to the voicemail system, you will be required to enter your voicemail PIN. Without your voicemail PIN, you will not be able to access voicemail when you are roaming.

Please ensure you set up a memorable voicemail PIN before leaving Nigeria.
International roaming rates apply for retrieving your voicemail messages.

When you access your voicemail while you are roaming, you will be required to use a PIN (Personal Identification Number).

As it is not always possible to set up your voicemail PIN while you are abroad due to overseas network restrictions, ensure that you set up a PIN which is memorable before you leave Nigeria.

To activate your voicemail and set up password, dial 113 and follow the voice prompt.

Yes, if you do not want to receive any incoming calls while abroad, you may be able to set up unconditional call forwarding to another phone number. All calls will be routed immediately to the number without ringing first on your phone.

To set up unconditional call diverts to your voicemail box, depending on your phone type, select Menu options, select Call Settings, Voicemail. Select All Call then enter the number 234 803 10 140.
To cancel all types for forwarding dial ##002# SEND/OK.

Note: However, you must have sufficient airtime on your line as every call forwarded to another number will be charged to your line at roaming rate.

You will not be able to retrieve voicemail messages once you have deleted them.

You can recharge using myMTN App or your bank channels. Other options include purchasing recharge vouchers and Share n Sell.

To dial a number in the country where you are roaming, enter the country code and the area code followed by the number you wish to call e.g. if you are in Ghana and need to call a Ghanaian line, dial the number in the following format: +233 24 000000.

For your convenience, you may save your local contacts in the international format e.g. +234 803 1234567.

If you are calling back home, dial the international access code and the correct country code along with the phone number, omitting the leading zero e.g. +234 803 555 5555.

If you are roaming in the UK and you need to call a friend that is also roaming with an MTN Nigeria number in the UK, dial +234 followed by the rest of the number without the first zero. For Example: to call the mobile number 0703 7784000 you should enter +234 703 7784000.

To send text to other networks when you are roaming, you need to enter the number replacing the first zero with the international dialing code for that country. To send text to a number in Germany, enter +49 723 4234567 then press Send.

Go to your phone’s Settings menu and change the Network Selection mode. Please note that the process of manually selecting a network varies between phones and devices.

See list of eligible networks for rates applicable to calls, text messages and data.

If you are a postpaid customer, all relevant roaming charges will be invoiced and displayed in your next bill.

When you use your smart devices as a modem to browse the Internet, you are charged data roaming either per kilobyte or incremental of ten kilobytes for all of the data you download.

If you are a postpaid customer, all charges will be reflected in your monthly bill.

You may purchase a roaming bundle of your choice. It may also be advisable to turn off some applications not in use. An End of Call Notification is displayed on your phone after data transactions while roaming. To activate EOCN on your line, simply text EOCN Yes to 131.

If you do not want to send/receive mail or browse the Internet on your android device when roaming, simply do the following:

  • From your Menu select Settings
  • Go to Options or Networks
  • Select Mobile Networks
  • Go to ‘Data Roaming’ and select OFF

Once you do that, you will make and receive calls or send and receive SMS ONLY

Yes, but you will be charged data roaming rate per kilobyte of data that you use. So, you will need to ensure you have enough credit in your account before starting a data session.

If for any reason, you are unable to make calls or send SMS while roaming, do the following simple checks:

  • Check that you are connected to a network that MTN supports in your travel destination.
  • Check that you have sufficient airtime to make a call or send SMS.
  • Check the network signal strength on your phone to be sure you have adequate network signal in the location you are in.
  • Switch your device off and on, select a preferred network provider and try making a call or sending the SMS again.

When you get back to Nigeria, make sure that you switch your phone on again to connect to the MTN Nigeria network.

The network on which you are roaming will send your roaming charges to your home network. This means that your roaming charges will be added to your bill once MTN Nigeria gets the bill from the network that you are roaming on.

If you were near a country’s border it is possible that your mobile device picked up an adjoining country’s network and registered on it without you realizing. You can prevent this happening by manually selecting your preferred network when you arrive in the country rather than permitting automatic selection.

When you make a call on a ferry or cruise ship, you are likely to be using a maritime network. Maritime networks are registered in a specific country and it is that country that may appear on the bill, rather than your physical location. For example, you may have made a call whilst on a ferry from Portsmouth to Spain but Iceland appears on the bill because the maritime network you used is registered there.

High cost data roaming destination are destinations with high data roaming charges
It is required that you opt in to enjoy data roaming services.
To opt-in for High cost Roaming destinations simply dial *131*5*7*1# and once you have successfully opted in, you will begin to enjoy data activities.

Yes, as long as MTN Nigeria has GPRS agreement in the country you are visiting.

When you use your smart devices as a modem to browse the Internet, you are charged data roaming either per kilobyte or incremental of ten kilobytes for all of the data you download.
If you are a postpaid customer, all charges will be reflected in your monthly bill.

If you have End of Call Notification (EOCN) activated on your line, you will receive notification on the cost of every data activity performed on your phone while roaming. To activate EOCN on your line, simply text EOCN Yes to 131.

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