There Is More Within

Turn It Up

The times look tough. And as we all brace ourselves for the challenges ahead, deep down we know one thing… NAIJA NO DEY CARRY LAST

This is because our energy is different. What we have inside will always conquer all the challenges we face outside. This is the time to ignore self-doubt, face our fears and break all boundaries. This is the time to… TURN IT UP

So that talent, passion, idea or a new perspective that will change the world, is already inside you. And when you are part of the big Y’ello family supporting you all the way, the magic of change and positivity bursts brightly from you and spreads to the whole world

So never give up. You have all it takes to succeed in this country. Because as Nigerians, we don’t see challenges. We see stepping stones to our greatness… There’s more within. Turn it up!​