Audapp is the top Podcast (Audio Content) service in Africa. With Audapp, you can get 24hrs free access to thousands of entertainment and news content, comedy and drama series, religion and education programs, live radio and more.

The best thing about Audapp is that it allows you listen to interesting audio content, news update and non-stop radio channels – whether you are commuting to work, exercising, doing house chores or before bedtime. With Audapp you will never get bored!

Audapp also lets you personalize your listening choices, follow your favourite shows, connect with celebrities, friends and everyday people.

To get started, simply download the ‘Audapp’ app from Google Play Store and sign up for free. (iOS coming soon)

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Q. How do I get started?

A. You need an active MTN number to create an account. You will be required to input your number and create a password. An OTP code will be subsequently sent to your phone which you will enter to activate your account.

Q. I didn’t get an OTP

A. Check that you entered your active MTN number correctly and try again. Tap Resend OTP if your number is correct but still did not receive an OTP.

Q. Can I have more than one account?

A. Your phone number can only be used to open one account, but you can log in on your other devices with this number. You can sign up as a podcaster at and start creating and hosting your content on AudApp.

Q. What are the subscription options?

A. We have the following subscription options:

N20 for a daily plan, N120 for a weekly, and N300 Naira for the monthly plan.

To subscribe for daily, text AUD1 to 13215; weekly, text AUD7 to 13215; monthly, text AUD30 to 13215.

Q. What do you do with my data?

A. Your data and privacy are protected. Please read our privacy policy here

Q. Where will I see the episodes I downloaded?

A. You can find your downloaded files under the Downloads tab

Q. Can my children use the app?

A. We have various categories, including an Education category that your children can listen to.

Q. The episodes are not playing. Why?

A. Please check that you have the right subscription and a viable internet connection. You can check your subscription status by dialling *13215# on your registered MTN number. If you are still unable to play episodes with an active plan and viable connection, please restart the app by closing and relaunching it.

Q. Can I rewind or forward while listening to an episode?

A. Yes, you can by using the skip back and forward buttons. You can also preset the number of seconds your playback skips forward or back.

Q. What happens when I follow a podcaster?

A. You get notified when they release new episodes of the podcast, and it helps us recommend similar podcasts to improve your experience.

Q. Can I register if my line is ported?

A. Yes, you can register with any active MTN number that has not been used by someone else.

Q. What does the ‘E’ next to an episode title mean?

A. The ‘E’ symbol next to an episode means that it contains “explicit content”.

Q. Can I view my listening history?

A. Yes, you can. Listening history can be found under the “Profile tab”.

Q. What should I do if the app crashes?

A. Go under your ‘Profile page’ and select ‘Give Feedback’ and provide the details of the crash. If the app still won’t open, please try reinstalling it.

Q. I want to store downloaded episodes on my SD card

A. Downloaded episodes are only accessible within the app. They cannot be stored on the device’s local storage