What is InstaVoice?

The InstaVoice (Voicemail) service offers you the ability to receive voice messages from callers in cases where your phone is switched off, not reachable, busy or not answered.

Who can use the InstaVoice?

InstaVoice is available to all MTN customers on prepaid and Postpaid plans.

InstaVoice is not a subscription service. As an MTN customer your line is already provisioned on the service hence you will not be required to send any code to subscribe and you will not be charged for being on the service.

How to use InstaVoice service

When “A-party” calls “B-party” who is active on InstaVoice and is not reachable, switched off or out of network coverage, “A-party” will hear the prompt:

“The number you are calling is switched off/busy/not answering. To send an InstaVoice message at regular call charges, please stay on the line, otherwise hang-up now…At the tone record your message.”

At the tone, you will record the message and hang up. The voicemail is sent after the caller hangs up.

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