Get Music On Your Own Time


MusicTime is the world’s first time-based music streaming service, i.e. it is a pay-as-you-go premium music streaming platform with full access to local and international content.

There is an in-built time ticker that continuously manages, monitors your data usage. MusicTime works like pre-paid airtime, you only pay for only what you listen to.

On MusicTime, you will always know how much balance you have available.

Unique Features of MusicTime.

  • Instant access (Start streaming instantly)
  • No data needed for music streaming.
  • No subscriptions (only pay for the time you listen)
  • Easy to use interface with search, playlists & trending music.
  • Share your playlists with friends
  • Ready-made playlists
  • Top trending and locally relevant music – updated regularly
  • Countdown timer within the application to monitor usage
  • Play, pause and play again, you can listen to music as and when you want to.

Summary of MusicTime Plans.

MusicTime is priced based on a timer clock that counts down as you listen to music. MusicTime is available as either:


Plan Fee (N) Validity
2 hour (120 minutes) 45 7 days
5 hours (300 minutes) 100 7 days
*60 minutes FREE 7 days

*You will receive 60 minutes free upon your MusicTime app download, valid for seven days.

MusicTime app is available on: