StarTimes ON

StarTimes ON is a mobile video streaming service dedicated to providing fresh entertainment and convenient content. The StarTimes On app provides access to Live TV, movies, series, sports, and much more.

Here is why you need to use the StarTimes On app:

  • Watch over 62 live channels
  • Access to foreign and local video on demand content
  • Access to 51 free channels. 70% of the VOD content is free of charge without subscription.
  • Enjoy your favorite TV series and movies on your mobile device, everywhere you go. You never have to miss your favorite show again.
  • Sports only subscription package available for avid sports lovers

StarTimes Subscription plans:

StarTimes Sports VIP Daily

Daily Plans


Valid for 1 day

StarTimes MAX VIP Daily

Daily Plans


Valid for 1 day

StarTimes Sports VIP Weekly

Weekly Plans


Valid for 7 days

StarTimes MAX VIP Weekly

Weekly Plans


Valid for 7 days

StarTimes Sports VIP Monthly

Monthly Plans


Valid for 30 days

StarTimes MAX VIP Monthly

Monthly Plans


Valid for 30 days

StarTimes Sports VIP 3 Months

3 Month Plans


Valid for 90 days

Startimes MAX VIP 3 Months

3 Month Plans


Valid for 90 days

Q. How will customers access Star Times?

A. Customers can access StarTimes ON by downloading the app to their phone ·

How to register on the app

  1. Click on me
  2. Click on register/sign in
  3. Register using your Phone number, Facebook or Google account.

Q. Who can subscribe to Star Times?

A. All MTN Customers can subscribe to Star Times ON App using their airtime.

Q. How do I subscribe to the StarTimes VIP Plan?

A. Subscription is easy!

  1. Register an account or sign in your existing account.
  2. Select the subscription plan you want to subscribe.
  3. Click ‘BUY’ to initiate an order.
  4. Select your preferred payment option.
  5. Click ‘PAY’ to complete your order. Your order will take effect immediately after your successful payment.

Q. I am on StarTimes ON app; how can I watch a video?

A. You can watch via StarTimes ON app with over 60+ live channels (FOX, ESPN, BBC, ST Sports, KID’s channels, local news and over 20000 premium content on Video on Demand (VOD). You can also watch sports highlight and video trailers for free on MYMTNAPP

Q. What happens after I send the subscription request?

A. You have options.

  1. MAX VIP: Subscriptions: Day =N= 200, Week =N= 800, Month = N= 2000, 3 Months =N=4800.60+ live streaming channels, all 7 ST-sports channels include: UEFA Europa League, Bundesliga, FA Cup, Coppa Italia, FOX, ESPN, BBC.AMC movies, Kungfu films, Nollywood movies, Cartoon, News and Documentary and over 20000 premium VOD’s.
  2. SPORT VIP: Subscriptions: Day =N= 100, Week =N= 400, Month = N= 1000, 3 Months =N= 2400 Unlimited sport watch time running 24 hrs., 7 ST- Sports channels including: exclusive UEFA Europa League, FA Cup, Bundesliga, MMA and ESPN etc.

Q. How many videos can I subscribe to?

A. Star times ON provided about 62+ live channels and over 20000 Video on Demand (VOD) for customers to subscribe and will also have access. You can also watch over 44 live channels and 70% of VOD free of charge without subscription.

Q. When I subscribe to your video can I download the video for offline viewing?

A. Yes, you can download video after subscription and video would be available for 7 days. Downloaded videos can be accessed within the Star times On App.

Q. How much will I be charged for subscribing to Star Times?


Sports VIP Daily 1DAY 100NGN WEB/WAP
Sports VIP Weekly 7DAYS 400NGN WEB/WAP
Sports VIP Monthly 30DAYS 1000NGN WEB/WAP
Sports VIP 3Months 90DAYS 2400NGN WEB/WAP

Q. Will my Star Times subscription auto-renew?

A. Customer subscription will only auto renew when you choose renewal option (1)at the point of new subscription.

Q. Does StarTimes On have any exclusive sport contents?

A. Europa League and Bundesliga are all exclusive channels in StarTimes ON.

Q. How many devices can I enjoy my StarTImes ON subscription at the same time?

A. A maximum of one simultaneous viewing streams across your registered devices is permitted.

Q. Why I failed to subscribe StarTimes ON?

A. Please make sure you have updated the latest version of the App, signed in your StarTimes ON App account, Internet connection, enough balance on your chosen payment account, been located in the correct country. If you still can’t subscribe StarTimes ON, you may contact us at

Q. How can I check the validity of my subscription?

A. You may check your subscription on “Me” Page-“My Orders” section, then click “StarTimes ON Orders” to check the status of your subscriptions.

Q. When does my subscription take effect after I subscribed?

A. Subscription takes effective immediately after the payment is succeeded. Upon the activation of your subscription, the time you are entitled to enjoy StarTimes ON membership starts calculating immediately and cumulatively by seconds based on live streaming.

Q. How do I cancel my subscription and stop auto-renewal

A. You can unsubscribe/stop auto-renewal by following the steps below

  1. Click on ME
  2. Select My Orders
  3. Click on StarTimes On VIP Orders
  4. Go to PAID
  5. Click on the amount- =N=1000
  6. Select Unsubscribe

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