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Choosing a Mobile data plan has never been this simple. Simply select from our rich bouquet of flexible and affordable data bundle plans below.

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MTN Goodybag Social

So much more value for a lot less.
Enjoy nonstop chatting, sharing, tweeting and lots more for only N25 weekly or N60 monthly with the MTN GoodyBag Social bundle plans.
Here's your chance to connect more with those you truly care about.

Facebook Weekly N25 Text FBW to 131
Facebook Monthly N60 Text FBM to 131
Twitter Weekly N25 Text TWTW to 131
Twitter Monthly N60 Text TWTM to 131
Eskimi Weekly N25 Text ESKW to 131
Eskimi Monthly N60 Text ESKM to 131
2go Weekly N25 Text 2GOW to 131
2go Monthly N60 Text 2GOM to 131
Nimbuzz Weekly N25 Text NIMW to 131
Nimbuzz Monthly N60 Text NIMM to 131
WeChat Weekly N25 TEXT WCW TO 131
WeChat Monthly N60 TEXT WCM TO 131
WhatsApp weekly Bundle. (7days) N25 TEXT WAW TO 131
WhatsApp monthly Bundle. (30days) N60 TEXT WAM TO 131

Or dial *662# to select your preferred GoodyBag Bundle.

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Blackberry From MTN

Connect with even more options with BlackBerry from MTN

You can now enjoy NON-STOP chatting on BBM with new BBM Data Plans from MTN,  starting from as low as N25 daily. 

Plans Inclusive Data Bundle Validity Cost Keyword to  21600
BBM Daily Plan 5MB 1 day NGN 25 BBMD
BBM Weekly Plan 25MB 7days NGN100 BBMW
BBM Monthly Data Plan 100MB 30days NGN350 BBMM

BBM can be downloaded on compatible Android, Iphones and Nokia X smartphones.

The BlackBerry AbsoluteBlackBerry Complete and BlackBerry 10 Bundles are part of a bouquet of innovative Value Added Services specially designed to enrich the lives of our customers. These BlackBerry packages are targeted at customers who desire flexibility in their BlackBerry usage.

BB Bundles (BBOS)

BB PLAN Inclusive Data VALIDITY NEW PRICE SMS Activation To 21600
500MB Weekly N500 BBCWEEK
2GB Monthly N1, 000 BBC
500MB Weekly N550 BBWEEK
2GB Monthly N1,500 BIS
BB Quarterly 2GB Monthly Quarterly N4,000 BBQ


BlackBerry 10 Plans Service Validity Inclusive Data Price SMS Activation To 21600 USSD Activation
BB10 MAXI Monthly 1.5GB N3,000 Text BBMAXIM *216*5*3#
Weekly 350MB N1,100 Text BBMAXIW *216*5*2#
Daily 50MB N200 BBMAXID *216*5*1#
BB10 MIDI Monthly 500MB N1,500 BBMIDIM *216*4*3#
Weekly 125MB N550 BBMIDIW *216*4*2#
Daily 15MB N100 BBMIDID *216*4*1#
BB10 MINI Monthly 260MB N1,000 BBLITEM *216*3*3#
Weekly 70MB N350 BBLITEW *216*3*2#
Daily 10MB N70 BBLITED  *216*3*1#

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I activate MTN Blackberry service?

Answer: Dial *216# and follow the options or click here for more options.

If your SIM card is new, please remember to complete SIM registration beforehand.

Question: Can I subscribe to more than one Blackberry bundles at a time?

Answer: No, you can only subscribe to one BlackBerry bundle at a time

Question: Can I subscribe to another Blackberry bundle plan before the expiration of my current plan?

Answer: Yes, you can choose to subscribe to any of the plan before the expiration of your current Blackberry Plan. The new plan automatically cancels the old plan.

Click Here to view BlackBerry® Devices | Click here to learn more about FAQ on Blackberry
Please dial *123# OR Call 180 to find out how to get on any of our BlackBerry® plans.

To check expiry date of your BlackBerry® Service, simply text "STATUS" to "21600"

Blackberry Tips

  • Battery Life: Largest draw on battery life is the transmitter and the backlight, so if you are transmitting a lot, you can expect reduced battery life.
  • Maximize your Home Screen: The home screen of the BlackBerry is where you spend most of your time. There are several websites where free themes can be downloaded. You can start by searching
  • Software Upgrade: log on to and select the software that suits your device
  • After August 30th, 2015 devices running BlackBerry OS 7.1 and earlier can use either of the following methods to update their device software:
  • Visit for more information on why software update is require click 16071
  • Use BlackBerry Desktop Software (see Article 3621)
  • BlackBerry 10 devices can continue to be updated over the wireless network.
  • Free Application for Blackberry devices: The best site to download free applications for the BlackBerry® device is from . Others include: ;

BLACKBERRY USER GUIDE- Helping you to get more from your BlackBerry® from MTN

Setting up personal email accounts on the device

Customers with Blackberry devices; 8700,8100,8300,8320 and 8820 need to use the Email Settings iconto set up their emails. Customers with devices; 8520, 8900, 9000, 9700, 9500s, 9630, 9650s and 9800 to click on the Setup Icon on the phone menu to access the Email Settings.
Note: If the email settings icon is not available, customers should enter the link; from their browser to access the email settings.

Switching Devices and Validating Email Accounts

A customer that changes his/her BlackBerry® device has to follow the following steps to start receiving mails on the device.

  • On the BlackBerry® device, open the Setup Folder or access the URL
  • Click on Email Settings
  • If prompted, enter your login Username and Password and Log in
  • Click on your Validate beside your email address and enter password
  • Click on Next. Your emails will start dropping almost immediately.

Blackberry Browser/ WAP

There are two browsers on the BlackBerry® device namely; Internet and WAP browsers.
Note: The internet browser is free to access nearly all websites without extra charges. A data Intensive site like YouTube attracts additional data charges. The WAP browser is charged for browsing most sites because it's the operator browser on the device.
Customer should make the Internet Browser their default by following the following steps;

  • Click on the Option Icon and select Advanced options
  • Select Browser and change to Internet browser and Save

Service Books

When your emails are not dropping on your BB device, you may need to resend service books to the device. The following steps are required.

Step 1: Hard Reset

  • Remove battery from the device while it's on
  • Replace battery and let the device reboot

Step 2: Register on Network: (If step1 did not solve issue)

  • From the device go to Options
  • Select Advanced Options
  • Select Host Routing Table
  • Click on Menu, then Register Now

Step 3: Send Service Books: (If step 3 did not solve issue)

  • Click on the Email settings or log on to
  • Click Help on the left hand side under settings.
  • Click the link to resend the service books

Click here to read MTN Blackberry Terms & Condtions

MTN Data Settings

To start enjoying high speed internet, you need the right settings on your device. Please follow these simple steps to get ready for an unbeatable internet experience.

Your MTN-branded USB modem or data card has already been configured so you do not have to worry.

  • If you're not using an MTN-branded device, you can request for MTN's internet browsing settings (also referred to as APN settings or packet data settings on some phones) by typing the word SETTINGS as an SMS and send to 3888, free of charge.
  • The settings will be sent to you by SMS, please save the settings as soon as they are delivered to your phone to avoid deleting them in error.
  • If you currently enjoy Internet browsing using your data enabled handset on MTN's data network, chances are that your handset is already configured to use MTN's data network. You may however send SETTINGS to 3888 to be double sure!

For handsets or other devices that need to be configured manually (e.g. iphones, Windows-based handsets etc), you will need to configure the data settings on your handset with the settings information provided below:

WEB settings – for smartphones ( iOS & Android)

  • Account Name: MTN WEB
  • Port : 
  • Username: 
  • Password: 
  • Access point name (APN):

 WAP settings – for WAP/Feature phones

  • Account Name: MTN WAP
  • IP address (Proxy):
  • Port: 9201
  • Username: web
  • Password: web
  • Access point name (APN):         

If you still have challenges setting up your phone, please visit the nearest MTN Service Center or Call 180. 

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