MTN Magic Voice

Delight your caller with the new MTN Magic Voice service. You can change your voice to sound like a male, female, child or even a bunny. To crown it all, you will not pay any additional fee while using this service apart from the subscription fee.

What is MTN Magic Voice?

A service that allows you change your voice to sound like the voice of a popular or funny character while making a mobile call to your friends on your MTN line. You can change your voice during calls to sound like a male, a female, a child, or even a bug bunny.

To subscribe to this service simply dial 757 from your MTN line and follow the voice prompt.

Who can use the MTN Magic Voice?

The MTN Magic voice can be used by all MTNN customers including prepaid and postpaid. The service is compatible with all handsets meaning everyone can use it.

How can I subscribe for MTN Magic Voice?

You can subscribe for MTN Magic Voice by dialing 757 from your MTN line or sending the keyword in the table below to 757.

See the table below for the full list of subscription type and cost.

Type of Subscription Channel Opt in command Opt out command Cost

Magic Voice Daily




10 Naira




Magic Voice Weekly




50 Naira




Magic Voice Monthly




150 Naira




  •      Upon subscribing for MTN Magic voice, you will receive a confirmation SMS.
  •      To make a Magic Voice call after subscribing, you will dial 757 and then the number of the party you want to speak with (e.g. 7570803200xxxx); selects magic voice and starts speaking in the voice you want to use.

What are the benefits of using MTN Magic Voice?

  •  Surprise and delight your callers; spark up their day with that joke or prank using MTN Magic Voice.
  • Entertain your callers by taking on the voice of different characters.
  • Laughter is the tonic of the heart. Make that special person laugh hard with MTN Magic Voice.
  • MTN Magic Voice is the service you need to relief any tense moment.


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