MTN Backup Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to buy a new SIM Card to access this service?

A. If you don’t already have a SIM with MTN Backup Menu in the SIM toolkit, you will need to buy a new MTN 128k SIM Card with MTN Backup Menu, in order to back up the contacts stored on your SIM card or handset where applicable.

Q. How do I Subscribe to use this service?

A. You do not subscribe to use this service. You will be prompted twice a month to save your contacts at N50 for each back up.

For users with saved contacts, inactivity for 2 months results in loss of contacts.

Q. How much will I be charged for using MTN BACKUP?

A. The first synchronization will be billed at a flat fee of N100. Subsequent Manual backup synchronizations will be billed at N50.

Restore operations are Free of charge for first attempt.

Automatic retry will be charged at N50.

Q. Do I need to have credit on my phone for this service to work?

A. Yes you require enough credit for the service to work but if you do not have enough credit, the service would perform a synchronization of your data and will try to charge you for the operation within the next 20days.

Q. How do I access MTN Backup on my phone?

A. There are different ways to access the service

a) MTN Services menu (SIM menu):

Go to the menu options on your handset and locate the MTN Services menu. Then, select MTN Backup

b) START to 307 or SYNC to 307 to sync your contacts respectively.

Q. How do I have access to the self-care interface to use MTN Backup service?

A. Access to the self-care interface is via then, you will need to login using the information received by SMS. If you didn’t receive an SMS with your login and password, you can get access through the Self-Care interface by:

a. Clicking on “Forgot your Password” if you received it and then forgot it.

Q. How do I synchronize contacts on my SIM and handset?

A. This is only valid for subscribers that have installed the Mobile App on their handset.

Using the SIM menu:

Go to the SIM menu options on your handset and locate the MTN Service menu.

  1. Click on MTN Backup.
  2. Choose the “Backup SIM Contacts” option.

Q. How do I synchronize the calendar, notes and tasks of my handset?

A. This is currently not supported.

Q. What happens if I lose my SIM? What should I do? And would I lose my contacts?

A. The SIM contacts that have been backed-up are not lost. They are stored in the remote library and accessible from the web interface. Customer can perform a restore by themselves by going to the SIM Menu or by sending “Start” to 307 or from the Walk In shops once they receive their new SIM.

Q. If I mistakenly delete a few numbers from my SIM or Handset, what should I do in order not to lose the contacts before the next Backup?

A. When you delete handset contacts (either from the handset interface or from the self care portal ), they can be found in the “Deleted items” menu of the web interface. To get them back, you will have to select those contacts in the “view trash bin” page and move them back to the “On SIM card” list. At next manual synchronization, they will be copied again in your SIM.

Q. I added some contacts via the Web Self Care. So what happens when I backup on my handset and SIM?

A. When you add a new contact in the web interface, you need to indicate (in this interface) if you want this contact to be later stored in your SIM phonebook or in your handset phonebook, so that when launch a synchronization, the system will save the contacts to your SIM or handset.

Q. What if I don’t receive any instruction on my phone to configure my handset, will my handset be recognised or configured for backup?

A. If you haven’t received an SMS containing the URL, you will be able to manually configure your handset following the instructions on “My device” section in the Self-Care interface or download the android mobile application from Google Play store (Applicable to only android handsets).

Q. I am traveling to France with my postpaid SIM which has the Backup menu. Can I backup when I roam?

A. No, the service is not available when roaming in order to avoid you paying roaming fees.

If you use WIFI though, you can still use the Mobile App (depending your own roaming settings in the Mobile App).

Q. I have left my SIM in Sokoto, but will be going back there in 2 weeks, and will pick up my SIM once again when I get there. How can I check my contacts stored on my SIM?

A. You will be able to access your backed up data through the self-care web interface.

Q. What do I need to know regarding MTN Backup before I travel?

A. The following should be taken note of:

  1. You will not be able to synchronize data during your trip, but you will be able to access the web interface.
  2. Changes made on the web interface will be synchronized once you get back from your trip which should not be more than 2months because after 2months your data will no longer be saved. It is better to synchronize your data before leaving on trip!

Q. Do my contacts get restored automatically on insertion of Swapped Sim into my phone?

A. There are 4 methods to manually restore contacts after a SIM Swap

  • A prompt inviting the user to perform a synchronization
  • Click SIM Menu on your phone and select “MTN Back up”
  • Through the self-care interface
  • Contact customer care to perform a restore

Q. How do I subscribe and unsubscribe to the service?

A. You do not subscribe to use this service. You will be prompted twice a month to save your contacts at N50 for each back up.

For users with saved contacts, inactivity for 2 months results in loss of contacts.