Data Roaming

With MTN data roaming service, you can access data while travelling abroad. MTN GPRS network covers various networks in many countries.  Click here to view our  data roaming partners.

How do I get the service?

This service is enabled for all MTN customers including prepaid and postpaid. To use MTN data roaming service, just recharge your line to accomodate the roaming charges you will incur and start browsing.

Note that roaming charges will apply when using MTN Data roaming services.

Click on your device below for quick tips on how to set up data while roaming with your device.


With Data Roaming you can enjoy:

  • Simple and easy to use service with affordable rates
  • Internet access using your PDA/Laptop together with your mobile phone. You can access your email accounts to send and receive email as well as surf the web.
  • WAP allows you access internet using your phone.
  • MMS which allows you to send and receive MMS from family and friends from home when you are roaming.
  • BlackBerry from MTN which provides you with email, calendar, personal contacts and tasks and allows you stay connected with your office while roaming.

BlackBerry Data Roaming Charges

While roaming abroad, when you use your Blackberry as a modem to browse the internet, you will be charged data roaming rates per 1KB or 10KB depending on the network you will roam on for all the data you download. This charge is separate from your normal monthly Blackberry subscription charges.

While you are roaming, you are connected to MTN's roaming partner network, you will pay roaming data charges just like roaming call charges. The actions below will be charged:

  • When you send and receive emails.
  • When you browse the internet using your Blackberry device as a modem
  • When you use Blackberry PIN to send messages
  • When you use Blackberry Messenger to chat with family and friends

Please refer below for a complete list of countries in Europe and the rest of the world zone with data roaming agreements with MTN Nigeria. You will also find applicable charges on this page.

MTN 3G Roaming

This is a roaming service designed for Prepaid and Postpaid business travelers who require high speed internet connection to stay on top of their business.
With MTN 3G roaming you can use your 3G enabled mobile devices while roaming on networks that have 3G roaming agreement with MTN Nigeria.


What To Know About 3G Network: To enjoy video calling and high definition internet browsing, you will need to be on a 3G network. The 3G network allows for a higher data transmission than the 2G network. When you are on the 3Gnetwork, you will enjoy swift file transfer, internet surfing, watch online TV and high definition videos, play online games, etc. 3G is the best option for customers who always want to enjoy high definition internet browsing experience when roaming.

What To Know About 2G Network: When your mobile device is on 2G signal, it means your network signals will be transmitted in a digital format. This digital transmission will improve both the quality of your voice calls and your internet browsing experience. You can use your 2G network signal for all voice and data services in any country MTN has a roaming agreement across the world. Please note that you cannot make video calling and do high definition internet browsing while on the 2G network.

Click here to view MTN 3G Roaming Network Partners.if your mobile phone is set-up to use only 3G network, you will find it difficult to use data services when roaming on networks that do not support 3G network. To fix this, simply go to the settings menu on your mobile device, select Data Roaming and choose 2G network as the your network signal.

How do I Estimate My Data Usage?

To estimate your daily or monthly data usage, please use our Data Calculator.

How Do I Access Support Service when Roaming Abroad?

You can contact MTN Roaming Helpdesk at +234 803 101 2346 or send emails to

Data Roaming Partners

Please refer either the table below or our Roaming Page for a complete list of countries in Europe and the rest of the world zone with data roaming agreements with MTN Nigeria. You will also find applicable charges on this page.