VTU Alias Number

Customers can top-up airtime and data via VTU without giving out their phone numbers through VTU Alias number.. Customer just needs to have an Alias number in place of his/her number for VTU top-up anytime.

How VTU Alias works

  • Customer dial *323# to generate VTU Alias Number.
  • VTU Alias number is generated once. There is no need to generate number upon every VTU top request.
  • VTU Alias number is an 11 digit code not reachable by call or SMS
  • Can be used for all VTU platforms (ATMs, Quick teller, Paga etc.)
  • It is a permanent number in place of customer’s phone number

How to retrieve VTU Alias?

Customer dial *323#, Select “View” from options displayed to retrieve Alias Number.

Steps to get your VTU Alias Number

  • Dial *323#
  • Then select 1 to create an Alias
  • You would receive a confirmation SMS with your Alias number created

Click to dial *323# Now

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