What is Y'ello Star?

Y’ello Star is a musical platform created by Nigeria’s leading Telecommunications and data services provider, MTN Nigeria to search for, discover, nurture, expose and launch music talents in young Nigerians.

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Deadline to submit entries is 8th March 2020. Any submissions thereafter will not be accepted.

Y’ello Star is a music platform created by Nigeria’s leading Telecommunications and Digital services provider, MTN Nigeria, to discover, nurture, expose and launch music talents among young Nigerians. It is a platform created to turn things up for them and lift them from Nigeria to a global stage.

At MTN Nigeria, we believe every hidden star and talent deserves a chance to shine bright. We know there are music talents hidden in every part of Nigeria, however, these talents are usually under-developed and not fully harnessed. This is partly due to limited resources that hamper talent scouts and music producers from going into the nooks and crannies of the country in search of them. Hence, we have decided to turn it up for these young talents. This is the prime offering of this show – to go in search of talents that are hitherto, undiscovered or underutilized.

When discovered, they are assembled in a hub where their skills and talents are refined through training, guidance, mentoring and practical sessions by renowned professionals and artistes who have distinguished themselves in the entertainment industry.

Auditions for Y’ello Star will take place in Abuja, Owerri and Lagos.

Each intending participants of Y’ello Star can only audition in one state. This is to give a fair chance to everyone considering the many entries we have received.

Intending participants for Y’ello Star are to arrive the venue at the same time. The time will be communicated to qualified candidates.

An invite message will be sent to you on confirmation of your selection for the audition. Kindly show this at the gate.

If you are not available for auditions at the city that you chose, you can come for the audition at another city. Please note that cost of logistics will be borne by you.

We are expecting a lot of people to attend the auditions. You are advised to come early to be attended to on time.

There is no dress code for the audition. Just look young, hip and be ready to be the Y’ello Star.

Musical instruments will not be provided but you can come with light instruments such as a guitar or even a drum.

Yes, you will find out if you have made it to the next round at the audition.

All the contestants are groomed and exposed through trainings facilitated by credible and respected Industry experts. They will also go through practical sessions that the hub/show offers. This will be critically important when they eventually evolve into the industry.

MTN will turn it up for the winner of the competition, who will be referred to as The Y’ello Star. The winner will receive a brand new fully furnished house with an in-house studio, a brand new car, a recording deal and other enticing surprise rewards.

Contestants will be eliminated based on audience votes and only one contestant emerges as the winner, the “Y’ello Star”. Follow us on this exciting journey as we help each star find their rightful place in the spotlight.

Any young, aspiring and talented Nigerian can be part of Y’ello Star.

Being part of Y’ello Star is free, you don’t have to pay to join Y’ello Star.

No, you don’t have to be an MTN Subscriber to participate; it is open to everyone.

Y’ello Star is a fully-owned property of MTN

  • All video submissions must be LIVE recordings of yourself singing any song of your choice. No lip synching, studio recordings or highly edited videos will be accepted.
  • You may choose to sing acapella or use a live instrument i.e guitar, piano. Do not use backing tracks or instrumentals.
  • Shoot your video in a bright/well-lit setting. We want to be able to see you.
  • Do not use auto-tune.
  • Check your video before submitting it and make sure the audio can be heard clearly.
  • Submission videos should be no longer than 60 seconds.
  • Video size should be no more than 150MB.
  • Only one submission per applicant will be accepted.

Deadline to submit entries is 8th March 2020. Any submissions thereafter will not be accepted.

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